Susanna Eyton-Jones, soprano

Susanna Eyton-Jones




“Eyton-Jones was superb…, with passionate operatic delivery. Eyton-Jones was especially enchanting in "Consuelo para la Madre," with a hypnotic, trance-like delivery, underscoring the fact that it is the wind and waves that are speaking here.”

Steve Siegel, The Morning Call May 03, 2014 (Allentown, Pennsylvania)


“Soprano Susanna Eyton-Jones handles the extraordinarily expressive vocal part with directness and poise. A triumph surely….for Susanna Eyton-Jones, who combines drama with a very nuanced delivery.”

Grego Applegate Edwards, Classical-Modern Music Review February 2014


“Susanna Eyton-Jones’s soprano vividly realizes both the power and the nuances of the text before her.  Susanna Eyton-Jones’s soprano sounds …full bodied and beautiful from pianissimo to full cry.”

William Zagorski, Fanfare 2012


"Susanna Eyton-Jones was sensational... she is very expressive and possesses both the high top and growly bottom to produce the requisite goosebumps.”

Paula Citron, Classical FM Toronto

“Susanna Eyton-Jones’s performance takes no prisoners, just as the composer wanted, I’m sure.”       

Jeremy Marchant, Fanfare review
Voice of the People CD)


“Eyton-Jones was thrillingly involved, pulling off preposterous arias that demand heavy work at both the top and the bottom with a galvanizing presence.”

Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star

“Susanna Eyton-Jones … revealed a thrilling top register”

Wayne Gooding, Opera Canada Magazine

“Bellissimi toni… innocente e provocante allo stesso tempo!… anche una attrice estremamente attraente e convincente… ha incantato il pubblico con la raffinatezza dei suoi toni.”

Corriere Aretino (Arezzo, Italy)

“Susanna Eyton-Jones est une révélation: soprano à la voix d'ange…, bonne actrice, très naturelle et très fraiche.”

Francine Grimaldi, La Presse

“Ha traferito tutta la sua straordinaria bellezza fisica al personaggio, nonché la potente voce che ha raggiunto toni di elevata bellezza.”

Santo Bianchini, Corriere Aretino (Arezzo, Italy)

“Susanna Eyton-Jones chanta avec raffinement et précision.”

Claude Gingras, La Presse (Montréal)

“Great delicacy”

Jacob Siskind, Ottawa Citizen

“Susanna Eyton-Jones... shone through with extraordinary talent. Her voice, sharp and clear as shattered crystal, sent shivers down one's spine.”

McGill Tribune (Montréal)

“Aunt Eller was sung by Susanna Eyton-Jones, who proved herself a capable ‘opera crossover’. She has a good sense of comedy and at the same time was able to create a strong, likeable character.”

John T. Roberts, The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Virginia)